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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Georgetown Steamplant

Yesterday I received an email about an open house at the Georgetown Steamplant today. It is open every second Saturday but it seems today was special as they would have a presentation on future plans. I've had it on my list for several years. One time I went but it wasn't open. I think the monthly tours were closed down for about a year but have started up again within the past year.  

I went but didn't attend the presentation or take the tour. I read through the posters, though. 

It was built between 1906 and 1907 at a cost of $1 million, equivalent to $26 million today. It is a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark and houses the only two Curtis vertical turbine generators left in place in the entire world.

I sketched the building from the car before it opened.   This is my tiny 3x5 book.  

Then I wandered the plant for about an hour, taking a lot of photos. It seemed very monochromatic so I decided to sketch this generator as it has a little color! It is a 10 megawatt alternating current generator made by General Electric.

I culled 160 photos down to about 100. They are here:

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