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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Beacon Hill Light Rail Station

Urban Sketchers Seattle met at Beacon Hill Light Rail Station this morning for the monthly outing.  A good size group showed up to sketch station highlights and the surrounding area.  We had many newcomers and a couple of sketchers from Tacoma Urban Sketchers. Welcome to all including returning sketchers! I passed out an Urban Sketcher handout about posting on-line, so I look forward to seeing abundant on-line posts from this morning.
Beacon Hill Light Rail Station

A security guard on duty at the Light Rail Station was alert and friendly.  Checking in with him to make sure it was ok to sketch on the lower level where trains departed, he gave thumbs-up as long as we didn’t get in the way of passengers. Glowing in the dark tunnel, colorful public art hangs from the ceilings.  Remaining on street level, I drew the north wall vent screen. The Aztec themed design is quite striking, it's not something you see every day on a vent screen.  I missed a few twists and turns getting lost in the pattern, but that's ok. 
Aztec themed north vent Beacon Hill Light Rail Station

I pivoted northeast and sketched a scene of old and new buildings with old and new growth trees.  A vintage house enthusiast, I love to draw their intricate features. This drawing included a “Seattle Box” roofline and a new high-rise complex to the west. The Beacon Hill neighborhood next to the station is full of charming cottage style homes. I noted at least one razed lot with a bulldozer waiting to finish its job. Out with the old, in with the new, a continuing mantra in Seattle. Behind the line of houses I could see the blue silhouette of the Cascade Mountain Range.  At least the landscape stays the same.  

Dwellings on Beacon Hill
At 12:30 we met for the end of meeting throw-down.  It's always great to see choices sketchers make.  

Throw-down in front of Beacon Hill Station

Group photo in front of the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station.  I'm the photographer so count me in!  
Group photo, Seattle Urban Sketchers at Beacon Hill Light Rail Station

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