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Saturday, July 27: South Lake Union Market

Friday, July 7, 2017

Sun and Shade at the Market

Urban Sketchers had a sunny, cool day for sketching in the new area of Pike’s Market called “MarketFront”.  I knew I could spend a long time looking around for inspiration, instead, I quickly settled on Billie the PigBank since I could sit in the shade and still see an expansive backdrop of the waterfront. I don’t think anyone passed by without taking a picture of Billie.  Kids and adults hugged her while smiling big for the camera.  I chose not to put a figure on the pig because the bodies were so fleetingly kinetic.  The pig is a solid mass of bronze, a strong and compelling shape to isolate and admire. I didn’t see anyone drop coins into the piggy bank.  It’s good luck to make a donation.
Billie the PigBank
Next I walked to the north end of the building where a parking sign caught my attention.  Elevated above the street, my vantage point positioned me with an excellent view of the sign, people walking below, a lacy tree and buildings climbing up into the sky. The strong sunlight cast shadows within the sign and on the sidewalk.  All the people had shadows attached, making me think of Peter Pan.  
Public Parking Sign

Finally, for the last sketch of the outing, I looked to the south and found my subject easily, the Joe Desimone Bridge. Sage green and yellow ochre coloration contrasts agreeably with the sleek modern structures in the distance. Bathed in sunlight, the bridge spans a busy street. Public parking signs add a counterpoint of red to aid with directions.  When I first moved to Seattle, finding parking seemed an onerous task.  After sketching the picturesque signs, I’m convinced parking is a pleasure filled escapade.  Just follow the signs, or better yet, as I have discovered, ride the bus.
Joe Desimone Bridge

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