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Friday, May 26, 2017

Folklife Friday

This morning I put on my hat and sunglasses and walked down Queen Anne hill to Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.  The Friday Urban Sketcher group was waiting in front of the Armory Building, ready to sketch on opening day.  There weren’t many lines at the food vending trucks and most of the big stages were still quiet.  I found a couple of genial buskers on a central corner and asked if I could sketch them.  They graciously welcomed me and even asked if I had a song request.  I wanted “Leila”.  They knew the first couple of lines only, but did them well. I returned later in the evening and found they were still there, singing energetically. 
Buskers at Folklife Festival
I found another busker near the front door of the Armory.  I liked his look, sound, and the color of his clothes.  He agreed to let me sketch him.  When complete, I showed him the sketch and dropped some cash into his guitar case telling him I hoped he would collect a lot of money.  He said he didn’t do it for the money, he did it for the art.  Just like me.

The Artist
To the right of the busker sat a balloon twister. I couldn’t resist drawing his profile and balloon crown.  I call him Balloon Caesar.  Although quite busy twisting creations for a variety of customers, he was aware enough to free up a hand for my donation.  Good business person!

Balloon Caesar
My last sketch of the day was of a big folk band.  I was looking for a female performer to sketch and there she was, surrounded by musical men.  Beautiful in a black outfit, with unruly black hair and interesting tattoos, her voice was strong and resonant.  I left her as the focal point.  Everyone in the band had something unique to offer.  When the sketch was done, I walked around to the front and spent time just listening.
Big band sounds

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