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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, April 28, 2017

Freeway Park

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather today for our sketching foray into Freeway Park. As a relative newcomer to Seattle (17 years), never having been to the park didn't seem too odd but even some of the native born Seattle-ites in our group had never been to this park before.  It borders the Convention Center and does, literally, span the I-5 freeway through downtown Seattle. 

It offers an interesting mix of concrete structures, beautiful natural plantings and buildings towering over all. 

My first goal was to find the waterfall.  I couldn't find any place with flowing water but I did find something that looked like it could be a waterfall but it was dry.  I sketched it anyway.   The noise from the freeway was really rather loud and constant. 

I continued to explore the paths running in all directions out from the Convention Center.  I found this corner planted with some bright flowers. 

The courtyard just outside the Convention Center held this unusual sculpture depicting George Washington. 

For our sketch sharing, we were joined by David Chamness' group of architect colleagues having a Friday noon sketch outing of their own.   Their sketchbooks came from their firm so they were labelled with the name. 

Lots of photos here:

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