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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Seattle’s Women’s March

1/21/17 Marching toward downtown Seattle

I am generally not politically vocal. As an introvert, I prefer one-on-one conversations to public expression. Whenever possible, I avoid large crowds.

1/21/17 Women in Pussy Hats waiting for the bus.
But I have deep concern about the U.S. being led by a man whose values support so many things I abhor. I am afraid – both for my country and myself. Trump offends me whenever he speaks. Despite every cell in my body telling me to stay home, I decided to participate in Seattle’s Women’s March with the hope that the event would help me turn my anger and fear into a more productive energy.

Joining 130,000 Seattleites at what turned out to be the largest gathering in the city’s history, I felt an immense bond with all the women and men who share my concerns and fears. Although I had some anxiety about potential violence, the event was as peaceful and affirmative as I had hoped it would be. Afterwards, watching media coverage of similar marches throughout the U.S. and even other countries, I was deeply moved by the enormous solidarity demonstrated today. I came home from the event feeling hopeful that we have the collective strength to take positive action.

1/21/17 Marching through the International District

1/21/17 Gathering at Judkins Park for the rally.

1/21/17 A sea of human solidarity at Judkins Park.