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Friday, Jan. 18: "Gab & Grab"

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Meet the Correspondent - Suzanne Shaw

I came to US in 1993 from Singapore.
I always love arts, but did not really involved until children grown up and finally retired 3 years ago. I started my first Watercolor class over Vancouver,WA, since then never stop loving its beauty of purity. Two years ago I learned USk from one of Artist friend, starting the journey of sketching. I have been participated sketch outings as often as I could. 
This year, I would like to challenge myself to associating my sketch or painting to storytelling. In spite of English is not my first language, I will do my best while walking with many gifted artists. Below are two of my earlier sketchs: #1 was done at Convention Ctr (A Native American stature),#2 was done at Balboa Park, SanDiego.