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Monday, December 5, 2016

Time Travel

I celebrated Thanksgiving in the sprawling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, where new buildings and monster highways are under construction at a Seattle rate.   Escaping the frantic pace of six lane speedways, I spent most of my time in gracious households and thought provoking museums. Autumn was in full bloom with rusty, gold, yellow and brilliant red trees radiating warm light under a cool cobalt sky.  My temporary neighborhood was rolling and forested, fitted with craftsman style homes built of wood, stone, and brick.  The textural components contrasted agreeably with the bark and leaves of the towering trees.  Wide porches and white picket fences looked ideal in the rustic setting, very southern comfortable.

Village Greene
I walked the dog twice a day; she rested peacefully on the sofa afterward. 

Peggy Sue resting
The backyard of my host is her creative pallet.  In the balmy weather, I helped dig out root bound plants while leaves fell to the ground and wind rustled in the trees overhead.   So pretty was the yard from every angle, it was a joy to be immersed in nature.
Deer in the Backyard
A visit to the Atlanta History Center was well worth the trip.  Indoors, artifacts tell the story of the Civil War and other important Georgia historical events.   Outdoors, groomed pathways wind through wooded terrain dotted with historical buildings. Peopled with re-enactors, period gardens and farm animals important for survival at the turn of the century, all paths lead to the centerpiece, historic Swan House.   Built in 1928, Swan House is an Atlanta landmark. Open to the public, a walk through the restored house is an opportunity to experience classic architecture and décor of the 1920s and 1930s.

Swan House, Atlanta, Georgia

Historic buildings in downtown Marietta have survived the test of time and are still in use.  On Marietta Square, the art nouveau Strand Theatre is a bright beacon for the community.   A MONUMENT DEVOTED TO THE BEST IN MUSIC PHOTOPLAYS AND THEATRICAL ARTS is engraved in bold letters on the façade. Around the corner, the First Baptist Church, built in 1892, looks good as new.  Made of Georgia granite and marble, the design is a hybrid of Gothic and Roman architecture.

Strand Theatre, Marietta, Georgia
First Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia


  1. Fantastic sketches, Kathleen -- looks like you had a great trip!


  2. It does look like you both stepped into another era and away from the frantic holiday pace. Really nice story, Kathleen.

  3. Thank you! History comes alive in Atlanta.