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Monday, October 10, 2016

Soggy Saturday Morning with WSU Students

A soggy Seattle welcome to the large group of design students from WSU! Rained out from the Sculpture Park, they ended up at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center to sketch and make notes for a few hours.

I have sketched here several times already (and I worked on this project with Olson Kundig for over a year), so I wanted to pick a new view... 

Here is the line drawing. As I teach in my Craftsy classes (info on my blog), I always start with the big shapes, then locate my vanishing point, and to speed things up, I often use a small triangle to snap quick long and straight lines. This would be a really difficult view to draw without knowing where the VP and eye level line are... hard to rely just on just shapes to get this one right!  It is so much easier to just use the VP. I also fill in the sketch working from left to right to minimize my pencil smearing...
I'm also trying out a different sketchbook, the Handbook 8" x 8". I don't like the paper as much as the Pentalic's true 140lb, but the format is great...

Then I added was hard to see in the dim light!  I paint like an architect, thinking about how I want to paint the volumes, the solids/voids.  I start with a pale, bluish purple worked into the areas that recede.  Next I'll add yellows, usually based on a yellow ochre, to warm the areas I want to advance in space or glow.  And the hardest of all, I reserve the white of my paper where I want to show a bright sense of light...the hardest thing about watercolor is where you DON'T paint!

And here are some of the WSU students (and two Seattle Urban Sketchers!!) --their teachers, Bob Krikac and Carrie Vielle are wonderful and really TEACH their students to draw.  It was great to see them all!


  1. This is wonderful and the colors are great. Good teacher.

    1. Hi BB, thank you so much for your kind comment!!!