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Sunday, July 14: Georgetown Garden Walk

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Columbia City on Oct 14

Although our weather wasn't quite as wild as forecast it was still wet and wooly Friday for our outing to Columbia City. About 6 of us showed up and we hid under awnings or in cafes  and restaurants to do our sketches.   I was pretty bundled up and stayed outside sketching along the sidewalks until the rain got to be too much and I sought refuge in a coffee shop and did my last sketch inside.   A few cups of coffee did nothing for my hand steadiness unfortunately.  It was a fun day though.  The temp was mild and the dark sky and mix of green and colored leaves in the town was a nice contrast with the wet streets and sidewalks.  I really haven't spent much time in Columbia City but it was a nice, compact, low key downtown with a variety of good eateries and shops.  It had a pleasant comfortable feel.  Easy to see why it is becoming more popular over time.

I got curious about the Columbia City Theatre, but just as I was finishing my sketch and was looking up to look at the playbills posted in the windows the rains came down in earnest and I ran for it.  I did look up their schedule after I got home and it looks like they have a pretty wide variety of live music and plays and small musicals.  Plus they have the Bourbon Bar next door and apparently open through the stage seating.   Looks like a fun venue.   I have always loved small venues like this.  They can be great fun and a wonderful source of community pride!

 I had fun prowling around the puddles by the Columbia Family Health Center.   There were some trees nearby beginning to get some yellows and oranges on them as well as dropping leaves onto the sidewalk and brick road margin.   This was an interesting construction.   They had a nice decent sized concrete sidewalk along the sides of the buildings, and then a curb, and then a brick paved road margin that had trees and lampposts in it, and beyond that the actual roadway.  It was a nice setup and gave pedestrians plenty of room with lots of space for the shade trees and cars.  

Looks like a fun little community to go back and explore in more.

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