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Friday, August 5, 2016

At the Junction

We met today at the West Seattle Junction.  As seems to be usual, I was there early so I used the time to explore a bit.  I scouted 2 locations for sketches.  I still had some time before meet up at 10, so I sat on a bench and started my first sketch.  I liked the plaza and all the perspective angles of the 4730 California apartment building(s).

I was using my handy perspective tool and a passer by asked me whether I was "orienteering".  

My next scouted location was a cafe table with a view of Easy Street records. I couldn't quite see the entire corner from my comfortable seat, so I just zoomed in on the section that interested me the most, which was the sign.    

There were 3 new people and Anna, a visitor from Las Vegas!  At least one person left early. Anna is kneeling next to me, second from right. 

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