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Monday, July 11, 2016

What's a Gruyere Puff?

Stone House Bakery is a great location with lots of possible subjects. The antique stove caught my eye first. I arrived a little early and got right to work because I had to leave early. One of the perks of drawing on location is meeting terrific people like Patrick Choy, owner and fantabulous baker who served up a yummy ham and egg Gruyere Puff and a Fidalgo Mocha. Mm-mm good.
For the garden walk I saw this pile of bricklaying junk before I even got to the meeting place and parked myself there. I was a bit in the way of cars who used the alley to find parking but I held my ground. 


This was drawn at Trove Vintage Boutique in Ballard. I have a chapter in my first book dedicated to vintage stores and Trove makes several appearances. It was a bit of a reunion to go back after four years to draw it again. If you go visit (and I recommend you do!) tell Cyrena that Steve sent you.

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