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Monday, June 27, 2016

Fisherman's Terminal - Seattle UsK 7th Anniversary

It was a perfect day for an outing; sunshine, cool breeze, and about 30+ of fellow sketchers met up at Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard to commemorate 7-year anniversary of Seattle Urban Sketchers.
I wandered around and decided to spend sometime on Dock 8. There's so much detail and interesting angles. I sketched an overall perspective looking south with boats moored on both sides of the docks.
View south down Dock 8
The textures of rust on the metal, the countless masts, the intricate fishing equipment, they were feast for the eyes. I sat on the edge of the dock and sketched one of the fishing boats, attempting to capture as much detail as possible.
A fishing boat
Towards the end of the session, I decided to sketch a salmon vessel moored right across the main terminal building. This vessel, Darla R, was a popular object for the day, for lots of other fellow sketchers decided to capture the same vessel.
Salmon Vessel Darla R
At the end of the outing, we shared our sketches in what's called a "throw down" session. It marked the end of one of the best outings I've been to and I am already excited for the next one. Happy Anniversary, UsK Seattle!