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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fisherman's Terminal on the Seattle Urban Sketcher's 7th Anniversary

Today was a special sketch outing at the original site of the 1st Seattle Urban Sketcher's outing 7 years ago. Happy anniversary sketchers! I zoned in on this boat because I have been fantasizing for some time about living on a houseboat. I think this one officially classifies as a boat, but it has that houseboat aesthetic and everything I think about when I dream of my someday floating home. While I was sketching a little duck swam under my feet and I didn't even notice until after I took her picture that she had a couple of little babies following. The person who lives on this boat... a long-haired guy who I would have loved to talk to but was too far away, threw open the back door and I was happy to see it was purple inside which inspired me to make the water purple.