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Wednesday, July 17: Fishermen's Terminal

Monday, May 16, 2016

Visible Light Sources

I usually compose horizontally, but the tall ceiling at the King Street Station and the ornate detailing pulled my gaze upwards so that's what I chose to draw from the hard wooden pew-like benches in the main room. Determined to get it all done in two hours, I dove in with no pencilling, racing to capture as much detail as I could. The only thing I added after the time ran out were the dark reflections on the shiny floor.
Coincidentally, the day before I had drawn another vertical sketch at Fuel Coffee in Wallingford, and noticed another similarity- the visible light sources. I do a lot of squinting at my subjects now, trying to reduce the visible info to tone only. Color can be eye-catching but it's not part of my current self-imposed curriculum.


  1. You really are becoming a master at shades of gray. Maybe more than 50!

  2. Very elegant. But going nowhere near 50shades references.