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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sketching the Opening of the New Light Rail Stations

Since we are talking about the Light Rail link to UW......
Saturday March 19th was the grand opening of the Sound Transit Light Rail connection between Capitol Hill and UW Stations.  It was free to ride the trains that whole day so I decided to check it out.  My son dropped me off at the UW station and 9:30 am.  I was expecting to see balloons  and lots of people at the station waiting for a ribbon cutting ceremony  (found out that had happened at the Capitol Hill Station instead). 
What was interesting was a gathering of people demonstrating in front of the station for a more affordable U-Pass…The U-Pass use to cover public transportation for UW faculty, staff and students for a very reasonable price.  I haven’t purchased one in a while so I guess the cost must have gone up.

This is the view of the UW Station from Husky Stadium.  There had been a line of people waiting to get into the station on the right side.  By the time I finished the ink sketch they had all funneled into the station.  More and more people started gathering around as the morning wore on.  The Husky drum line played in the background while I sketched.

Entry into the UW Light Rail Train Station

Waiting for the train to Capitol Hill Station
South East Entrance of Capitol Hill Station on Broadway
North East Entrance into the Capitol Hill Station on Broadway
Interior view of the Capitol Hill Station with the Pinkie Mural.
Waiting for the train to the UW Station on the way back.
Plans for the future of Sound Transit Light Rail
I started the day at 9:30 and ended at 1:45 pm. The sketches were all done in ink on site. I ended up taking pictures of each location so I could add color later.


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    1. Thanks David, it was really fun! And I got filmed by the Sound Transit videographer. They were great set of spaces to sketch and paint.

    2. I agree with David. I really like this set. It reminds me of an airport. Transportation.