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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Street Car

With the spring-like weather, I decided today would be the best day to try out the brand new First Hill Streetcar.  I took the bus over to the Light Rail at Tukwila.  I took that to the International District station.  Just outside the station was the streetcar stop.  It's free until 2/16 so there were lots of people giving it a try out.

I found it rather slow.  The Streetcar has to travel in regular traffic with autos.  It is certainly more relaxing than driving and finding parking!   They're supposed to run every 12 minutes but I know I waited much longer than that... almost 20... for the return trip. 

I rode it all the way to the end at the Capitol Hill Station on Broadway and Denny.   Along the way, we passed Dick Blick.  After we arrived, I did a sketch.

This will be a very useful addition to my transportation options.  I look forward to the extension of the line further into Capitol Hill. 

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  1. Lovely watercolor of the street car. I like the sense of lightness it has.