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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anderson School

This is a sketch outing to which I've been looking forward for months.  McMenamin's Anderson School opened last fall.  We delayed out outing there in hopes it would be less crowded.  While that was the case when we first gathered at 10am, by lunch time every venue was packed.
Though a bit chilly and overcast, it wasn't raining at first.  I took that opportunity to sketch the small shed in the patio area.  It houses a snug bar with fireplace.   There were several of us who braved the outside chill to sketch it.

My second sketch was upstairs in the Tiki bar.  This door leads to a tiny room overlooking the pool.

There were a few new people as well as some who haven't joined us in a while.  We shared our sketches, sheltering from the rain on the patio.

You can see the rain in our group photo!

About a dozen of us stayed for lunch together.  It was just delightful getting to know some new people and some I'd not spoken with at length before! 

All photos here. 

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