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Friday, April 19: U Village

Saturday, October 24, 2015

WWSCD at Gates

We spent the World Wide Sketch Crawl Day (WWSCD) #49 at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center.

On the way there, walking across Seattle Center, I saw an opportunity to do a new sketch for the Urban Sketchers flickr group's weekly theme: "reflections".   This is the Experience Music Project (EMP) buildings.  The blue one is reflected in the red one.  A monorail runs through it.

Most of the exhibits in the visitor center are interactive. As such, there aren't many artifacts to sketch.  This group interested me most of all.  In particular, the two containers on the left, in combination - one inside the other - can keep vaccines cold for 30 days with no electricity.  On the right is a "box that saves lives".  "When conflict or natural disaster drives people from their homes, they often end up in refugee camps. Until they can go home, the ShelterBox gives them basic protection and supplies."

There was some unexpected rain and when it stopped, I ventured outside to explore the Gates Foundation buildings.  I saw another opportunity for a reflection... this time the Space Needle reflected in the windows of the Gates Foundation office building.

We met back to share sketches and have a group photo.

More photos here

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  1. Love your sketches, Kate. Superb concept of reflections, both literal and metaphorical!