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Friday, October 16, 2015

Sketchers in the Stonehouse

We had perfect fall weather for our sketch outing at the Stonehouse Bakery and Cafe in Renton.   As I've written before, I've driven past the decaying remains of this once beautiful stone building for many years.  I was so happy to see construction and repair happening a year or so ago.  Then even happier to find a bakery and restaurant had opened there last spring. Since then it has been a favorite place to sketch as it's only about 20 minutes from my home.  The bakery has marvelous treats.  I had lunch there for the first time today and all four of us at the table were very impressed with the food.

A sign in the bar gives some of the history:  "In 1926, a brick layer by trade, Earl Collier opened this gas station.  Over the years, it has appeared in many books and articles about its unique craftmanship.  After closing in 1963, the family still lived on the property until 2011 when a new owner took over and was dedicated to preserving and cherishing this special landmark." 

I was there early..  So I had a pastry, some coffee and sketched the mantel of the fireplace, decorated for autumn.

The owner has put a lot of effort into decorating for the season.  There are pumpkins everywhere.  My next sketch was one of a few patios on the property.

The sign is a bit of photo collage.

The bakery operator, Patrick, was delighted to have us there and was so very hospitable to us.  He even wanted to pose with us when we had our group photo (upper left, next to me)

Welcome to Chris,for whom this was the first time sketching with us.

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