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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sketches from Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Art Science Museum

We braved the heat and humidity.  Sketching in temperatures of 90 plus which you all had here in Seattle. However  accompanying that was the humidity!  It was like going out and spending a day in a sauna.

Painting and sketching in the morning helped.  It was still hot and muggy but a bit more bearable.  In the afternoon you want to find a shopping mall or go to your hotel room and chill in the air conditioning.  You always walk on the shady side of the street and near shops with their doors opened pushing out cold air.

I noticed after sketching a couple of hours my eyes would burn and I couldn't see very well.  I realized it must have been from the salt in my sweat that was getting into my eyes.  You were soaked without expending much energy just sitting and painting.  And watercolors would melt in your palette, at least the M Graham watercolors which boast of its creamy consistency.  Don't use it in South East Asia unless you use it directly out of the tube...just the amount you need at the moment.

It was an experience I am glad we had despite all of that.  Sketching with everyone, teaching at the symposium and actually meeting  facebook and Flickr friends  was all worth it in the end.

View of Marina Bay Sands Hotel from the Cloud Dome

This sketch of the bridge below was done in phases.  I sketched it it pencil on location which took at least 40 minutes if not more standing up on the bridge. It was very crowded and  narrow so I decided to do the finish painting off site.   I ended up inking the lines as well.

There were other sketches from of the Baobab trees and Super Tree Grove at night that were also done in pencil and later finished of site from photos.
Check out my blog for those.


  1. Wonderful sketches. I was thinking of you and the others in the heat and humidity!

    1. Thanks Kate,
      We struggled through it and survived!