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Saturday, Feb. 24: Gab & Grab

Friday, July 17, 2015

Occidental Park

Today's Friday ad hoc outing was to Occidental Park in the Pioneer Square area.  I've been there perhaps once before but today I had more time to explore.  I satisfied myself with one sketch and then walked around the area.

I must credit Vivian with spotting this view first!  She didn't stay to sketch it so I did.  She moved on to a beautiful, ivy covered entry way.   This shows the view looking up from Occidental Park.  That's the Columbia Center tower on the left and Smith Tower on the right.


But first, I am still enjoying the use of my "scribbler".  My first sketch of the day was on the bus.  It's a small Field Notes limited edition notebook with good paper.  My bus ride to the Light Rail was so short I only had time for this one sketch.  Squiggly lines = bumpy ride.

It was almost time to meet up again.  The band started up for the free concert.  Tubaluba (Jambalaya Brass Rock) performed.  It was loud.  The bass notes of the Tuba were rumbling in my chest.  But I stood to the side to get a quick sketch of the tuba player!

On the other side of the page is a sketch inside McCoy's Firehouse Pub with firefighter memorabilia on the wall(s).

We met up to share sketches and get a group photo.  We had to go across the street so we could hear each other!


  1. Your sketch of the park says it all: historic street lamps, hanging baskets overflowing with summer flowers, the trees framing two buildings laying claim to "the tallest"-everything! Brava!

  2. Really nice collection of sketches. Looks like a fun day.