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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wrong time, wrong, no! Right Place

So I decided to bike from my Greenlake area home down to Kubota Gardens to join the Ad Hoc sketchers at Kubota Gardens.  I thought it was at 10 AM, so I set out at 8:40 AM...well it's about 11 miles? - and I'm 67, so...on the way, I "discovered" the Chief Sealth Trail, a nicely paved off-road bike trail that would take me right to Kubota Gardnes.  But as 10 Am neared, I came upon this view - this AMAZING view!  When I called the group to say I'd be late, I discovered they had met at 9 AM. What a perfect excuse to stay right where I was, and sketch this scene - which does NOT look like I was actually within Seattle City limits!! - but I was, and only 8.5 miles from NE 50th St.