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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, May 8, 2015

Klondike Park

Friday sketchers from Seattle Urban Sketchers sketched in and around the Klondike Gold Rush National Park in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

It was such a summery day, that about half the sketchers elected to sketch outside rather than in the Museum/Park.

I was early, so sketched the Park building from across the street.  I later added the National Park's stamp.  At various spots inside the Museum there were "embossing stations".  Each one was different.

Since I had never been to this tiny National Park, I thought I would look around.  I liked the full sized prospector's cabin.

There was still a little time left.  This odd, full sized horse sculpture was placed from the second story of the building.  The place is a piano bar now.  But I thought this might be a sign for a past business.  The volunteer in the Park knew about it.  It had been a saddlery. The original cast (bronze?) statue is gone and this is a fiberglass replacement.

We set out sketches on a bench in the Park/Museum.

Steve, Anne, Gordon, Evelyn, Vivian; kneeling Kate & Tina

After lunch, I went to another place I've never been:  Waterfall Garden park.  It was only a block away.  The sound of the waterfall drowns out the sounds of the city, creating a pleasant, natural oasis.

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