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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Huge crowd, Amazing sketches!

So fun to once again join the massive crowd of Seattle sketchers at the flagship Willy Wonka-ish new Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room.  Thanks to the Good Bones Workshop sketchers who joined us, the sketches at the end were all just utterly amazing. What a talented crowd!

Testing out a new 6x18 watercolor block at the Tasting Bar in the new Starbucks. Thanks, Sunil,
for keeping me company!


  1. I love this. I just couldn't figure out how to keep mine light. But I think it was because I painted later from a photo I shot because my lines were bleeding on site. So everything got dark in the photo. Good reason to do it all on site.

    1. Thanks, Gail, but I loved your sketch! You always have such a beautiful color palette, I like the beautiful darks you got!