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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garden Show

The Northwest Flower and Garden show opened Wednesday morning at 0900.  I took the bus to the Convention Center and was in the doors at 1000.  Five hours later, my feet were tired, I'd seen nearly all of it, done 3 sketches and made 100 photos.

The Steampunk garden was my favorite.

"The Romance of Steampunk" Whitby Landcare & Design, Tehia Whitby;  The kinetic water sculpture is by Douglas Walker. 

I liked the cat tails made into metal wire bird feeders! 

"Birds Do It... Bees Do It"  West Seattle Nursery

This gate and tree trunk are actually made of metal by Home & Garden Art

"Romantic Folly" Pamela Richards Garden Design & Falling Water  Design (Rick Perry)