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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Drawing Jam Jams Again!

Bravo to Gage Academy for putting on another fantastic Drawing Jam! For the 15th year, Gage brought together models (clothed, unclothed and fantastically costumed), demos, still lifes, plaster casts, a table of mirrors for self-portraits, kids’ activities, food trucks, live music and free art materials from local sponsors – all adding up to a 12-hour day of art fun for only $10! I’m sure it’s a ton of work for Gage and all the volunteers who make it happen, but every time I attend I think about how wonderful it would be if Drawing Jam could happen more than just once a year. 

As usual, I spent most of my time in the various life drawing studios (sketches on my personal blog). But when I couldn’t get a good view of the models or if I was just tired of drawing them, I stayed in back and sketched other artists or even the musicians who entertained us as we sketched. 

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