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Saturday, Dec. 9: Wallingford Center

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mad Campus

Ad Hoc Friday Sketchers  met at the University of Washington campus to sketch the sculptures of the Mad Campus exhibit.

One of our number had been before and offered information and suggestions about the choices.  I first sketched 2 of the Six Swans by Tory Franklin From the info on the map:  "A princess tediously labors to free her brothers as the fairy tale of the Six Swans comes to life in a large redwood in the Medicinal Herb Garden. These life-size puppets tell a story of perseverance, a quality Tory recognizes in her own artistic practice. She combines drawing and printmaking to create her many public installations."  I only sketched two of the six swans. 

Next I found #3, the Lone Stranger (Inflated) by Piper O’Neill "Inspired by carnival prizes of the 1940’s, a 28-foot-tall inflated cowboy reassigns meaning to a relic of the past. Piper’s work  often explores the themes of nostalgia and inherited histories. In her words, 'I am always looking backwards to make sense of what is in front of me'"

I still have enough time for one more quick sketch.  I'd noticed some color over a rise back toward our meeting place.  It turned out to be #5, Global Bloblem  by Paul Komada.
"A patchwork of diverse national flags brings into view complex issues, such as globalism, climate change, and international strife. Paul was born in Seattle but spent his formative years in Japan. In his studio work he uses knitted materials to elicit feelings of warmth and care."

We met to share sketches.

Four of us had sketched the swans

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