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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ad Hoc Friday at the Sculpture Park

Wellllll, I messed up.  I suggested this outing thinking we'd get to see the new sculpture.  As far as I could tell from the website, it had been installed in the Sculpture Park.  I even watched a video of the construction.  Turns out, it is not yet in place and that video was filmed somewhere else!

Still, we avoided the rain and were able to sketch outside, though it was still chilly and windy.  I escaped the wind by sketching below the hillside near Wake by Richard Serra (2004)

I moved a few feet up the path to get this view of the Space Needle.

By then an hour and a half had passed and I was cold.  The last sketch was inside the PACCAR Pavilion with the view from the 2nd floor.

We shared our sketches. 
Clockwise from upper left: Tina, Natalie, Julie, Kate, Sue (x2), Peggy H
Kneeling is Julie; Kate, Natalie, Sue (from near Stockton, CA), Peggy H, Tina (photo taken by Sue's husband, Ray)
We talked more with Sue, from near Sacramento, CA.  She's visiting her daughter, Julie, who lives here.  She shared her tiny sketchbook!

A few more photos are here.

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