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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Next Generation of Sketchers

It was a quiet day at Mohai today.  So I was able to get a sketch done between the times of talking to people who came up to see the exhibit.  The sketch I was able to finish was the sketch below of a cloudy Seattle sky and the Space Needle with the 12th man flag flying proudly.

One of the visitors I had was Tommy who has been to the exhibit at least twice.  He was checking the sketchbooks for a sketch he had done in December and to his dismay found scribbles over sketches people had done earlier.  So he conscientiously started erasing the scribbles from the page...asking why people scribble on the drawings  in the sketchbook.  He didn't find his sketch but did draw a new sketch of a house (see below). Let's hope Tommy will continue his sketching.  He will be one of the next generations of sketchers.
Tommy and his sketch of a house.

Seattle Sky and the 12 Man Flag a top the Space Needle.


  1. That is a beautiful sky. So evocative.

    1. Beth, Thanks for the comment. It was a very dramatic scene.