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Friday, January 24, 2014

St. Mark's Cathedral

Shortly before Christmas I went to St. Mark’s Cathedral for a choral concert, so my sketching range was limited. But today with the Friday ad hoc sketchers, I could take in the full scope of the massive sanctuary and sketch from wherever I wanted to. Unfortunately, that made it difficult to choose a composition.

I finally settled on one of the windows, the quilt beneath it and a couple of the chandeliers to start with, but I didn’t think that sketch captured the cathedral’s size. So for my second sketch, I moved to the back to sketch the huge pillars along with a few sketchers in the pews for scale.

With 15 minutes left before our meeting time, I did a quick detail of the ornate finials on some unused pews that were pushed to one side. One benefit of sketching inside a cathedral: There’s plenty of (not necessarily comfortable) seating everywhere!



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