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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, January 6, 2014

Drawn to Seattle, indeed...

What a wonderful event last Friday night!  MOHAI was packed with people, all to admire and appreciate Gabi's utterly amazing collection of Seattle Sketches!  The exhibit is so very impressive--Gabi is one of those rare people who can pretty much sketch anything--buildings, people, cars, events, etc.--and capture it really beautifully.  He is truly a sketch journalist, as the stories behind the sketches are every bit as interesting...and he is so humble too, sharing this event with his fellow Seattle Urban Sketchers--thank you, Gabi! The accolades are so well-deserved, the work is amazing and MOHAI is pretty great too.

As far as this sketch, as usual, I bit off more than I should chew! I wanted to capture the energy of the space and event, you can see Gabi talking at the podium on the right in the sketch.  Painting on-site is truly challenging too (argh, too much purple!), but I sat on the floor upstair and pulled out the paints to finish the sketch in the moment.


  1. *giggle* aah, too much purple*giggle* nice try - but i can see how clever you depicted the gathering of the crowd, it is so hard to show a crowd that convinces. Impressing! You and all the seattle sketchers are so damned great, i´m happy i live faraway and doesn´t have to compete with you =)

  2. I love the purple - the way it contrasts with the golden crowd. I agree though, it was a lot to take in - and put down.

  3. Stephanie,
    You are way too critical of your own work! This is another lovely piece that has captured the event and the sense of the evening. Great job and I love seeing what you can do each time. Also you captured all the iconic pieces of the Mohai that were in the room. WONDERFUL!