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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Seattle Sketcher on New Day Northwest

What do Poo-Pourri, FailBlog and the Seattle Sketcher have in common?

They were all on today’s program of New Day Northwest, and I was in the live studio audience to cheer for at least one of them (Guess which?)! OK, I had to cheer for all of them, since that was my only responsibility for being an audience member. But Kate, Natalie and I did our best to applaud the loudest for our fearless founder of Urban Sketchers. We also had fun sketching the goings-on of a live TV program.

Gabi was on the show to promote his exhibit, Drawn to Seattle, which opens this Saturday at the Museum of History and Industry and runs through May 26. Go, Gabi!

Gabi being prepped for his segment on New Day Northwest.

Kate, Tina and Natalie sketch while they wait for the show to begin.

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