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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Gastronomical Adventure in Seattle's International District

Uwajimaya is the preeminent Asian food market in the Pacific Northwest. The store specializes in importing rare and unusual Asian foods for a clientele interested in traditional Asian cooking. The store also features a range of more traditional super market produce and goods.

I usually cook for myself, and I am always looking for dishes that are easy and keep well. So I was excited when I came across a recipe for Japanese cabbage pancakes, Okonomiyaki. I had tried this dish several years ago in Japan and remembered it as a tasty and easy meal.

The recipe called for some unusual ingredients though: katsuobushi (dried and shredded tuna), nagaimo (a yam native to eastern Asia), and dashi (Japanese fish broth). There was only one place to find these items, Seattle's International District.

The western end of King Street is dominated by a Chinese arch, which marks the entrance to the International District. Beyond this gate is the King Street Train Station and clock tower.
Light poles throughout the district are decorated with yellow and red dragons.

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