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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sketches from Boehms Chocolate Factory

Thanks to Boehm's Chocolate Company for graciously letting us go to their factory to sketch.  We were able to tour the facilities which included the store, Chocolate Factory, Chalet (home of Mr. Boehm) and Alpine Chapel.  There were so many options to sketch, but first I was intrigued by sketching the chapel because of the light play in the interiors.  The second sketch was of the back or side entry of the Chalet and Chocolate Factory.  It was the simpler facade than the front but I liked the way the Factory overhang created a foreground element and visually led you toward the Chalet.


  1. These are lovely, Gail. Your viewpoints make such a difference.

    1. Thanks Jane,
      As Gabi says 80 percent is the composition. Makes it easier to draw if you like the view!

  2. Very nice. You definitely portrayed the "values" in the chapel. Love the ceiling.

    1. Thanks Beth,
      I thought you were going to do values there too! It got too dark. Should have left it one less layer of wash.

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