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January 21, Third Place Commons, Lake Forest Park
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Back in Seattle, above and below...

After being in Europe for 3 months, it is truly taking some time to adjust to life back in Seattle! 

These are sketches from 2 sketch outings--one was with the regular Seattle Urban Sketchers Sunday sketching a few weeks back, and the second was yesterday at the tail end of Gail and Frank's successful workshop. It was really nice to get to join the group!

I have found I really love doing these wide and tall, 2-page views.  Something about the expanse captures a sense of being in the space. It's always a challenge, but it is great fun to do...

Above the viaduct...

Below the viaduct...


  1. Beautiful as always Stephanie, I love the drama of the viaduct. The viaduct makes for a good painting even if it is in the wrong location!

  2. These are wonderful. Below the viaduct is my favorite. It is quite dramatic and sweeping.