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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Street Musicians in Spain

View of Alhambra as dusk turns into evening.
I am still scanning and painting sketches that I started in Spain.  I did about 90 sketches the two weeks we were in Spain.  Some of them I had time to paint on location and others I just did the line work and took pictures to finish the watercolor at home.  It is going to take forever to finish it.  But here are a few sketches.  A couple of sketches below are of the street musicians in Spain.  Our first introduction to the music of Spain was in the Madrid Airport on arrival the first day.  We then discovered musicians are commonly performing on the streets of Spain at outside cafe areas.  The music is something I will always remember about Spain. 
Spanish Guitar player at Madrid Airport.
At Cafe La Taberna de Tiacheta on Carrera del Darro.  Listening to Accordian Musician.