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Monday, August 19, 2013

Draw; Italians love you!

Day One, Rome

OK people...this place is amazing.
My first impressions starting the day; I couldn't stop drawing.
There is so much and EVERYWHERE!

It is siesta time here so I have a chance to take a small break before I head out for more.

What a grand day.
1. Do not have your i-phone out all the time.
2. Draw; Italians will love you!
3. Speak Italian; Italians will love you.
4. Leave your map in your hotel.
5. Keep a good distance from ' i turisti.'
6. Turn right or left from any major landmark and you will find a wonderful restaurant.


p.s. hoping the repro will get better as I do more publishing.


  1. Oh Anita, these are awesome, as are your comments. Have a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you Peggy.
      In Civita today; home base.

  2. Enjoy! I find Europe much more picturesque than the US. Great views any where you turn!

    1. Thanks Gail: Yes, every turn. Now I approach Civita with the same vigor; perhaps a bit more slowly.

  3. Gorgeous drawings as always. Enjoy your time in Italy!