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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Woke up in Paris this morning (someone pinch me)

As I'm traveling alone, I had to pinch myself.  Groggy from jet-lag, I awoke today to a chilly, wet, gray Paris morning, rather like the Seattle I'm used to.  But the similarity stops there...this is no Seattle!  

Yes, it's finally here...the opportunity of a life time to sketch, paint, draw, study and experience the architecture and urbanity of this amazing city, thanks to the incredible generosity of one George Parker Jr. and the jury who saw fit to award this year's Gabriel Prize to moi. To them, I am profoundly humbled and grateful--grateful to my core--and I hope I can honor this legacy by producing some beautiful work over the next three months.

I also awoke to a state of shock...yes, I've left my husband and two kids back in Seattle for a big chunk of time. Yes, I'll be on my own most of the time in Paris (have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit alone in a romantic Parisian cafe?) And yes, the pressure is ON to find my artistic self at last, draw and paint non-stop, and produce something worthy of this incredibly, unbelievably rare opportunity. I hope I rise to the challenge.

Today in the rain, I made my way to the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg, peppered with young people in romantic poses at one end and with small groups of tourists in the other.  It was raining, but under the canopy of the dense rectangularly-trimmed trees, it was very dry, so quite a few people were huddled together listening to the rain hit the leaves overhead.  It was lovely.

I pulled out sketchbook number one, turned to the first blank page, and plunged in. 

Palais Luxembourg, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris  May 16

Above is the first post from Paris on my blog "Drawing Perspectives" figure I'll post a few images in the next three months on the Seattle Urban Sketchers website, but I'll refrain from inundating the Seattle blog with images of France.  However, if you are curious to see how this sketching adventure goes, I soooo invite you to check out the postings on the blog.

Also, I'll be meeting Paris Urban Sketchers this Sunday--I am so VERY excited to meet them, so grateful to be met by a welcoming community.

Last--does anyone know how to get a good jpeg of a sketch without a proper scanner?

Bon Nuit!