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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Line to Color Workshops

Frank talking about horizon line
Frank Ching and I just finished two workshops. A one day workshop in Mount Vernon and a two day workshop in Seattle. Both were great experiences. Between the two workshops we had people from all parts of Washington state, Vancouver, B.C., Denver, Wyoming, Oregon, Illinois and California.  We immediately realized after the first workshop in Mount Vernon that we had too much material to cover effectively in a day, and even a 2 day workshop would not be enough time, but it was too late to change it. We've learned a lot from both experiences and will continue to fine tune it. Thanks to Frank for teaching this with me. It was great and I always learn a lot from him. Thanks to all the participants, both were great groups to work with. Mount Vernon participants' comments were so helpful in modifying the workshop for Seattle. I am already thinking of how we revise this workshop as I read the comments from the Seattle participants. Photos from both.

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