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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cherry Blossom "Snow"

What a gift last Sunday was! - oh my!!  Since I live close to the UW, I got on my bike and rode over to the QUAD, in the center of the campus where some 50-60 very large, old Kwanzan Cherry Trees were in full bloom.  What a glorious sight!!  Every year, during the last week of March, I check out the blooming progress of these trees.  What a bonus to have them in full bloom on such a warm day!
I ended up on the northwest side of the quad, on a grassy slope.  I was struck by how bottom branches of all the trees had been trimmed to a certain level about 5 feet off the ground.
 And why the title of this posting?  My grandfather painted a large majestic watercolor of cherry blossom trees on a windy day, and he called it "Cherry Blossom Snow."  You can see it at my personal blog.

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  1. Stunning. The pinks are fantastic and you did a great job of depicting all the people enjoying the day.