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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Up On The Hill

Doing some "portraits" of big houses near my tiny apartment in Magnolia for an upcoming show. Driving home from a just completed sketch, I was waved down by someone who recognized my '77 Chevy Nova. "You should draw my fiancé's house," he said, pointing down a sloping driveway. "It's pretty unique." On the next sunny day, I just might do that.


  1. Nice. You could make up a story about each one.

  2. So fascinating, Steve! How long did it take you to sketch and paint each house? Glad the sun was out!

  3. Carleen- About an hour and a half for the contours (on site), another hour for shading (only partly on site), then the color goes on fast- about half an hour (at home). Three hours all told.

  4. These are fun Steve. Are they watercolor?

  5. Thanks, Peggy. Yes, watercolor over India ink wash grisaille. For an upcoming show of local houses here in Magnolia.