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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday Sketching

I met up with a few other sketchers yesterday.   We had planned to sketch inside King Street Station. However, the website mislead us with photos of what seemed to be nearly completed renovation.  I arrived an hour early due to the train schedule so I scouted around for another option.  I found the charming Court in the Square.

I also got some coffee and sketched the view out the window.  Thanks to Tina, I now know the modern tower in this sketch is the "1201 Third Ave", formerly the WAMU Tower, and is the second highest in Seattle.

Once we met up at the station, we walked over to the courtyard.  There was a lot of looking up as we sketched!
Tina sketching
Lynn sketching
Me, Nilda, PeggyJG, Tina, Lynn


  1. Wonderful sketch and photos! So sorry I missed it!

  2. Great sketches! Court in the Square is where Tamra and I got married 26 years ago. Well done.