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Friday, Jan. 25, 10 a.m.: SAM lobby

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Burke Museum

2/22/13 fountain pen, Zig marker

Bones, bones and more bones! While some of the stuffed, lifeless birds and animals at the Burke Museum made me a bit sad, I found the skeletons thrilling! I summoned my inner paleontologist to sketch the huge Paraphysornis brasilienis, or Terror Bird from Brazil, a cast replica of a 22 million-year-old skeleton. And talk about timing – I finished my sketch just as a billion children on a field trip suddenly surrounded the Terror Bird.
Tucked behind the main exhibits is an education area that wasn’t in use today (a quiet respite from the field trip). There I spotted a case with a full skeleton of a Hoplophoneus, a cat similar to a saber tooth that lived 25 million years ago. A few of us who had gathered to sketch at the Burke were meeting to share sketchbooks in 15 minutes, so I focused on the skull. But next time, I’m going to tackle the whole cat.
2/22/13 fountain pen