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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sketching and Birding in the Okanogan Highlands

Sketching by car with glove compartment for paint palette
Sketching and birding ...which comes first? Time, weather and logistics are always sketching challenges.  As we drove around the Okanogan Highlands from Omak to Tonasket to Havillah to Chesaw this weekend, I wanted to sketch the small communities where winter birding attracts birders from around our state and from around the country.

We visited Gary Eagle, blacksmith, who lives on Hungry Hollow Road. Birders brought bird seed and cash donations. In return, he invited us on his property and let us tour his blacksmith shop.

Gray-crowned Rosy-finches can be seen here in winter.
Gary with bird seed donations
Chesaw tavern and store
Most of my sketching was done extremely quickly with Uniball pen before we continued driving. With the glove compartment open to hold my paint palette and supplies, I could add some color strokes, but the rest had to be done later when I was no longer on bumpy roads.

At Chesaw I sat in our car and sketched and painted the scene of the tavern and store. This remote town near Molson and the Canadian border is well-known by birders for its burgers, beers and bathrooms. Unfortunately, this was the last day for the tavern as it was being sold to new owners. I went up and talked to the owner, showed him the sketch, and wished him and his wife good luck. I will always be grateful to have sketched there that day.