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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Friday, February 8, 2013

Museum of Flight

This was an amazing opportunity for us, thanks to Kate who volunteers there!  Peggy, Tina and I arrived early, so we sat outside the museum entrance. Tina and I sketched the sculpture "Team Effort" from different angles. Kate and Nilda arrived and the museum opened at 10am. We spent two hours  exploring. I chose to use a black Uniball pen and sketched several areas of the exhibit, hurrying as if I was if something was about to fly away! (except everything was tethered by wires)
There was limited area to spread out my paints, so I waited until I found a place in the cafe to add color wash. I wanted to paint the smell of the Red Barn!

We spent two hours and then had our sketch share.  After lunch we returned for another sketch. That's when I found the sculpture down on East Marginal Way as I started up the T.Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge. (Awesome music and sound effects from that bridge while sketching!!)

The struggle for me was like an EMP nightmare..structures hanging from wires at odd angles, especially propellers and wings. Then there was the challenge of the window frames in the background, deciding how much to add to the background so as not to overwhelm the focus of the sketch. 
One of the museum staff or volunteers walked by as I sat on a bench finishing my sketches.."we're glad you are here!!" he cried. I was, too. Thanks, Kate!


  1. Great sketches, Carleen... and fun to see the sculpture from the other side!

  2. Love how you added the color - rich and exciting. It adds punch. Yes, I've been trying the Uniball tho I love my fountain lens and just need to find the perfect black ink!!

  3. It is great reading your description of the event, Carleen!

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