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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seattle Art Museum Lobby - Elles Exhibit

Seattle Art Museum Lobby during Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris. I lost track of time while sketching all of the rays coming out of the cool hanging cars in the museum lobby. It was dizzying trying to keep track of the changing colors in the light rays. After sketching, went through the Elles exhibit. Wow! My favorites were Yayoi Kusama: especially her 3-piece giant wall of polka dots that was titled something like "Life keeps going" (that's not the title and it's driving me crazy because I cant remember what it was, but something like that), the cool 70's videos from the heyday of the feminist movement, a sketch of a woman looking up to a sky of penises, and an extremely disturbing video called "Barbed Hula" by Sigalet Landau: I am inspired!