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Friday, Dec. 14: Swanson's Nursery Reindeer Festival

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Watercolor in the Rain

There were about 15 of us at Fall City Farms yesterday.  We  weathered the rain and the goats as Jackie mentioned!  Thanks to Stephanie Bower for suggesting this place and Jane for posting information.

Fall City Farms on Arches
As the weather gets colder and wetter, watercolor takes a long time to dry.  My first sketch was done on Arches watercolor block and the first time I have used Arches paper. I found that the water color would just sit on the surface and not dry immediately.  It also appeared to dull down the vibrancy of the colors.  After the first light wash dried enough to put the paper away, I decided to use my Aqua Journal by Pentallic.  As Stephanie mentioned the paper in this sketchbook is whiter and brighter and takes watercolor well. The colors of my last two sketches were applied later and came out more vibrant.    Interesting to see the results of using different paper.

Fall City Farms on Aqua Journal by Pentallic
Fall City Farms Pumpkin House
Here are some photos from our sketch outing.