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Friday, May 24: Folklife

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is a composite of my sketches from a trip to Diablo Dam in the Cascades. The paper is a piece of scrap left from other sketches and it resisted accepting the watercolor. I won't use it for watercolor again! Frank B


  1. Despite the resistance, the colors came out beautifully! Lovely sketch, Frank.

  2. Beautiful Frank. I know I'm being greedy but I'd sure like to see more of your work (when convenient).

  3. Thank you Jane and Mark for your positive comments. Let's talk Mark at our next get together.
    Frank B

  4. Beautiful sketch, was this at the base of Ross Dam? Great colors and values!

    1. No this is Diablo Dam and Lake, which has a boat that takes you to the trail head for the climb to Ross Dam and Lake. Diablo is the middle dam of the three; Gorge is the first one, Diablo is the second, and Ross is the third and highest, I believe. If you stop in Marblemount at the visitor center you can get information on the dams and it's a short walk to the Gorge Powerhouse, which has a viewing space so you can sketch the turbines. Thanks for asking. Frank B

  5. Thanks to everyone who checked out my sketch of Diablo Dam and lake. I appreciate you taking the time. Frank B