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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seattle League of Arts at Seattle Center's 50th Anniversary

As Seattle Center celebrates its 50th anniversary, Seattle League of Arts celebrates having shown their art for sale there every summer since the World's Fair.
You all know how dogged it can be to work a sales table.  Fortunately I brought my sketch kit.
Here is a very rugged sketch of my friend Lynn Kerr's A-frame display rack, one of maybe 30 set up in what is now (again) called the Armory -- but which many of us natives still think of as the Food Circus.  Be aware this sketch does her beautiful artwork no justice.

 Here are sketches of Gage student Ethan doing 30-minute portraits on demand, some random visitors to the Center, and the flowers on our sales table!

Today is the last day you can come to meet June Anderson Evanoff (till 3 pm) painting live.  June was chosen at the 1962 World's Fair to represent Northwest Artists, and her painting is still in the Smithsonian.  She was interviewed at the show last week by City Stream (channel 21) and we think this will air August 2 at 7 p.m.

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